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Dental Implant Overdentures: Supported VS Retained

Also known as ‘snap-on-dentures’, this tooth replacement solution uses a special attachment to smoothly snap dentures in place. This design adds extra security and comfort for a truly radiant smile.

There are two types of dental implant overdentures: implant-supported overdentures and implant-retained overdentures.

Both options can replace decaying or missing teeth and improve bite function and stability. Overdentures will also help restore speech and mouth functionality, which may have been affected due to missing or damaged teeth.

Implant supported overdentures, also known as fixed dentures, are attached to a titanium implant that is embedded into the jawbone.

These overdentures bear the full weight of the bite-force by absorbing it into the jawbone through 3 or 4 implants.

They are permanently embedded into the oral cavity, which allows them to function like your normal teeth, however, this also means they can only be removed by your dentist.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Some patients may prefer to have their teeth permanently fixed in place for an added sense of security and to avoid removing and reattaching the overdenture every day.

On the other hand, implant retained overdentures (or flexible dentures) are fixed to the same titanium implant embedded in the jawbone, but they can be removed by the patient.

Sitting comfortably within the mouth with the support of the surrounding soft and hard tissues, these overdentures rely on the gums to absorb most of the bite-force and require fewer dental implants.

Similar to any cosmetic treatment, the lifespan of both types of overdentures is heavily dependent on your aftercare.

Some patients report that the removable feature of implant retained overdentures makes it easier to thoroughly clean and diligently maintain them.

Anew Smile's Expertise in Overdenture Dental Implants

At anew smile, we offer quality dental implant overdentures you can trust.

By using state-of-the-art dental technology and best practise techniques, our professionals produce spectacular results.

We believe teamwork really makes the dream work, which is why we’ve selected an experienced, dedicated team of dental professionals to ensure exceptional dental care and enhanced patient comfort.

In a welcoming, stress-free environment, our expert staff will take the time to understand your needs and desires because your voice matters! Through meticulous planning and personalised treatment plans, your dentist will use their wealth of knowledge to recommend the best option to make your dream smile a reality.

What can Overdenture Dental Implants treat?

Missing Teeth

Replace Your Dentures

Gum Disease
(& bone loss)

Accessible and Affordable:
Dental Implant Overdenture Costs and Payment Options

The cost of dental implant overdentures can vary based on the severity of the damage, the number of implants needed, and whether additional services are required. Your dentist will always keep you informed, and you can rely on our flexible payment options to ensure accessibility.

We want you to have a smile you can be proud of, which is why we offer a variety of payment options to ensure our services are not only accessible but affordable.

Our dental payment plans are designed to help you get the most out of what we have to offer.

Depending on the treatment you choose, our payment plans begin at as little as $40 per week. You can elect to pay for your treatment over 40months, or you can choose a 7 year repayment term with interest starting at $123 per week.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here for the whole journey.

You are worthy of a magnetic smile that looks beautiful on the outside and makes you feel amazing on the inside.

With revolutionary dental implant overdenture technology and a team of judgement-free expert professionals, this is the kind of smile we endeavour to achieve and successfully produce.

So, if you’re thinking about receiving a treatment to restore your smile, don’t let another day pass you by! Let’s take the first step together and soon you’ll be beaming from the inside out with the most wonderful set of pearly whites.

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Have a question?

Will my teeth look natural?

At anew, our team will listen to your desires and design a smile that matches. As All on Implants™ involves replacing both the teeth and gums, we aim to create the most natural, realistic smile possible that also functions as a regular smile does.

How long does All on Implants™ last?

All on Implants™ can last you a lifetime if they are properly taken care of. It is just as important to regularly clean your smile with All on Implants as it is with real teeth. This will help keep everything healthy and last upwards of 20 years.

How long does the procedure take?

The treatment length for All on Implants™ is 3 days. This will involve removal on the first day and by the third day, you will be trying in your new smile.

How much do full Implants cost?

The cost of All on Implants™ does vary depending on the individual case, however, it starts at approximately $22,000 per arch. Once you have a consultation our team can give you a more accurate quote for your unique transformation.

Am I a good candidate for All on Implants?

All on Implants™ are designed for people who have failing or compromised teeth due to gum disease or bone loss. They are also an option for people who wear a partial or full denture due to missing teeth. To determine whether you are a candidate for All on Implants™ we recommend coming in for a consultation and our team can examine your mouth and explain your options.

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