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The Benefits of Single Dental Implants

Single tooth implants come with a wide range of benefits.

To start, they’re colour-matched to your natural teeth, which means they’ll blend in seamlessly, allowing you to express yourself with the confidence you’ve always desired.

Dental implants will replace the root of your tooth as your dentist integrates them with your jaw to better preserve the bone. Because dental implants are designed to behave like your natural teeth, they will also provide you with reliable stability and durability. This means your bite force can finally be restored.

Dental implants are biocompatible, meaning the body won’t reject them. This makes them powerful replacement teeth that have the potential to last a lifetime.

Single tooth implants can also act as a preventative measure for further tooth loss. Missing teeth cause gaps between stable teeth, in which food and bacteria can become stuck. This puts your healthy teeth and gums at risk of disease. Replacing missing teeth with single tooth implants reduces this risk.

The Procedure: Multiple and Single Dental Implant Surgery

Missing one or more teeth? Multiple and single tooth implants could be your life-long solution, so long as you have healthy gums, jaw bones, and good oral hygiene.

Combining the latest technological advances with our commitment to patient comfort, our dental implant procedure will give you naturally beautiful, long-lasting teeth implants that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

To ensure a successful surgery and to establish precise placement of the tooth implants, we start the process with a 3D cone-beam scan.

The surgery itself consists of two parts. A titanium post is placed in the gum to replace the missing root, which provides the tooth with strength and support. Then, a dental crown is attached on top to replace the missing tooth so that it can last a lifetime.

If there are a few teeth missing, multiple dental implants are applied in the same way, however, they require more work as several implants will be applied to replace the missing teeth.

The Key to Long-Lasting Results; Aftercare and Expert Treatment

Diligent aftercare is absolutely essential to ensuring the success and lifespan of your single-stage dental implants.

During your consultations, your dentist will explain what you need to do after your implant procedure. It’s all about maintaining good oral hygiene! This means brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes, flossing daily, and maintaining a moderate and balanced diet.

It’s also vital that you commit to regular dental checkups every 3-6 months for professional cleanings and to ensure any potential issues can be treated before they become irreversible problems.

At Anew Smile, we know how crucial it is to choose a highly skilled dentist to perform your treatment. Utilising advanced technologies and best-practice techniques, our team of passionate expert dentists has transformed over 2000 smiles, delivering spectacular results every time.

We’re dedicated to the comfort of our patients and the best possible customer experience, so we encourage you to ask questions and communicate any concerns.

What can Single Dental Implants treat?

Missing Teeth

Replace Your Dentures

Gum Disease
(& bone loss)

Affordable and Accessible:
The Price of Multiple and Single Dental Implant

The average cost of single dental implants in Australia seems daunting, but at anew smile, we pride ourselves on our adaptability and our flexible payment options that help make your single or multiple dental implant costs more affordable.

Accessibility is extremely important to us, which is why our team will help you achieve your perfect smile within your budget.

The majority of our patients use superannuation release (subject to eligibility) or a variety of comprehensive payment plans to pay for their treatments.

Rediscover your zest for life by starting your journey to achieving the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Quality is our top priority in terms of both customer service and product; we believe your perfect smile should exceed expectations in appearance, feel, and function.

By connecting with one of our judgement-free implant specialists, not only will you receive high-quality single dental implants and the expert care you deserve, but you will also receive a spectacular smile that renews your confidence and encourages you to make the most of what life has to offer.

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We’re known for achieving beautiful smiles that are unique to every person. Your perfect smile should exceed your expectation on look, feel and function. helping you to rediscover food, fun, and a zest for life. Start your journey by connecting with one of our judgment-free Implant specialists.

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Have a question?

Will my teeth look natural?

At anew, our team will listen to your desires and design a smile that matches. As All on Implants™ involves replacing both the teeth and gums, we aim to create the most natural, realistic smile possible that also functions as a regular smile does.

How long does All on Implants™ last?

All on Implants™ can last you a lifetime if they are properly taken care of. It is just as important to regularly clean your smile with All on Implants as it is with real teeth. This will help keep everything healthy and last upwards of 20 years.

How long does the procedure take?

The treatment length for All on Implants™ is 3 days. This will involve removal on the first day and by the third day, you will be trying in your new smile.

How much do full Implants cost?

The cost of All on Implants™ does vary depending on the individual case, however, it starts at approximately $22,000 per arch. Once you have a consultation our team can give you a more accurate quote for your unique transformation.

Am I a good candidate for All on Implants?

All on Implants™ are designed for people who have failing or compromised teeth due to gum disease or bone loss. They are also an option for people who wear a partial or full denture due to missing teeth. To determine whether you are a candidate for All on Implants™ we recommend coming in for a consultation and our team can examine your mouth and explain your options.

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